Fast 2017: Day 21


We couldn't begin to compare our hunger from fasting to the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. And yet, fasting is one way we identify with the spirit of what Jesus did: he obeyed the Spirit at the expense of his own comfort to the point of giving up his very life. And that was the moment our salvation was made complete. Thank you, Jesus! 

Thanks for participating in this 21-Day fast. We hope you were strengthened in your faith and grew closer to God. Tomorrow our diets may change, but our hunger for God can keep growing!

Fast 2017: Day 20


As we look forward to our final day of the fast tomorrow, let's look beyond. This doesn't need to be just an event in your relationship with God. It can be the opening of a door—the beginning of a whole new lifestyle of relentlessly seeking after his Kingdom through prayer and sacrifice.  

Fast 2017: Day 19


Just three days left! Let's spend them feasting on God's Word and his awesome presence. His heart takes such pleasure in our hunger for him. He fills us with his love and his peace so that he can reach our hearts and draw us into a closer walk with him. 

Fast 2017: Day 18


Hungry? Jesus blessed those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. The fast is coming to a close soon, but our hunger can keep increasing and our thirst can keep growing for God!

We had a great time kicking off Healing School with Joaquin Evans last night. Come drink deep of God's presence with us tonight at 7 and tomorrow morning at 10. Bring a friend! 

Fast 2017: Day 17


Have you been fasting for breakthrough? If you've been struggling through this fast, be encouraged in this: your fast isn't what wins breakthrough. Victory is a gift given by the Father through Jesus. You can't earn that victory, but you can receive it with thanks. So why fast for breakthrough? Fasting doesn't win any extra points with God (his love for you is already eternal!) or "help him" defeat the enemies of your soul (his victory over Satan is already complete!) But it does help you recognize your need for God—for his grace, for his love, and for the victory he won on the cross. Stand in faith on that victory today.

Fast 2017: Day 16


Let's be honest: fasting is a battle. You might be asking yourself why you signed up for this. Just remember: you have picked a fight with your flesh, and the flesh wants to fight back. You've created an opportunity to uncover all that's inside you and submit it wholly to God. Thank God that there's grace when we do! Dive into that grace today, and just keep swimming. 

Fast 2017: Day 15

Today we begin the final week of the fast. We believe God is true to his word, that if we seek him, we will find him. Keep pressing in through prayer, worship, and the Word! 

<a href="">You can download John Piper's A Hunger for God here.</a>  

Fast 2017: Day 14

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As intensely as your body craves food and water, your soul craves the presence of God. Feed your spirit today. Set aside some time to enter into his presence and enjoy his steadfast love. It's better than anything!

Fast 2017: Day 13


If you feel lonely in your fast, stop doing it alone! When we gather and pray together in Jesus' name, we move from natural limitations to supernatural possibilities. Invite a friend or two to agree in prayer for the areas in your life you've been seeking breakthrough. (And mark your schedule for Thursday prayer at 6:15. There is power in gathering and agreeing!)

Fast 2017: Day 12


Part of the process of humbling ourselves through fasting is putting on a heart of gratitude. Thanking God for his provision opens our hearts to seeing how big and how generous he truly is. 

Fast 2017: Day 11


You can do this! You're halfway there, and the power of prayer will carry you to the finish line. If you've faltered and feel like giving up (or already have given up) today is a great day to start again. This fast isn't about enduring 21 days of consuming less, but about pressing in and tapping into the MORE of God!

Fast 2017: Day 10


Fasting helps bring God's words to life in our lives. Sometimes we get impatient and look for a blazing light on the horizon, but faith is more like a flashlight on the path ahead. It's a daily, step-by-step process. Don't walk in the dark! His word will illuminate your next step. 

Fast 2017: Day 9


Rees Howells lived a life of fasting and prayer. Much of his life he ate only two small meals a day, and then for a season he ate one meal every two days. Throughout World War II, he was dedicated to praying against Hitler, the Nazi regime, and other evils spreading darkness over Europe and around the globe. Remember, fasting and praying isn't just a personal discipline. We are called to do battle in our prayers and see results in the world around us! (Read more in Rees Howells: Intercessor by Norman Grubb)

Fast 2017: Day 8


When Daniel, Azariah, Mishael, and Hananiah decided to obstain from the delicacies of the king’s table, God blessed them with favor, wisdom, and understanding—both natural and supernatural. When we choose to stop feeding ourselves with what the world would offer us, we open ourselves to so much more from God!

Fast 2017: Day 7


Even if you get nothing else out of fasting, acquiring a taste for the sweetness of God’s word is an amazing side effect of starving your flesh. If you've been obstaining from food but have neglected to feast on God’s word, resolve today to schedule time each day to read the Bible. It can sustain you like nothing else!

Fast 2017: Day 6


Jesus was sustained by his focus on fulfilling God's will on the earth.  Fasting will help us become more aware of how hungry our spirits really are for knowing and doing God's will. Today, make this part of your prayer time: "Father, what's on your heart?" 

Fast 2017: Day 5


Hopefully you’re almost over the sugar, caffeine, or food withdrawals by now. Remember these words from Jesus today and know that the Father loves to reward his children when they diligently seek him in fasting!

Fast 2017: Day 4


In the Kingdom, things are often upside down. The way up is down. The way to victory is humility. If you humble yourself, God will lift you up. Fasting helps us become humble by recognizing the weakness of our flesh, but also the strength we have in the Lord. 

Fast 2017: Day 3


Daniel fasted, prayed, and repented on behalf of Israel for 21 days. As soon as he began his fast, angels were sent on assignment to answer his prayer. Remember that your fast is putting things in motion in the spiritual realm. You might not see what’s happening yet, but by faith we believe God is answering our prayers!

Fast 2017: Day 2


It’s day 2! Do you know your reason for fasting? Perhaps it's for breakthrough. Or for greater intimacy with God. Maybe you're training yourself to hear his voice... Today is a good day to write it down, and remind yourself why you’re doing this.