Next Steps at VF North

Hi all!

We are starting up Next Steps this Sunday. Please take 5 minutes to watch this video to hear the heartbeat behind Next Steps—something that’s important for our WHOLE team to know! Also, if you want to start helping with Next Steps in any way (setup, registration, food, childcare, etc.), please let me or the Mosseys know. You can comment below with questions.



Video Update

Hey team! Here's a quick video with an update from this past weekend's portable kit training. It went amazing! Please watch the video, and then please RSVP for this coming Thursday's Interest Meet-up at Holmberg Park. Here's the plan:

5:00pm - Setup crew arrive (need about 6 of us)
5:30pm - Launch team arrive
6:00pm - Start serving food
6:30pm - Quick vision-casting
6:40pm - Pass out cards, ice cream, socializing
7:00pm - Clean up

Sign up at Planning Center if you can help out or if you're coming. 

Here’s a few pics from this weekend for you to enjoy and share:





Training 2 & 3

Hi team! Here are the last two weeks of training that we went through for Launch Team. Sorry for the delay on audio from last week! Please see below for details on Portable Kit training next weekend.

August 11th & 12th is portable kit training. We need 24 to 40 people who can commit to being at BOTH days of training to make it successful. We are close to the minimum number at this point. If you can please sign up on Planning Center or reach out and let me know if you can make it, that would be very helpful. 

Both days will go from 9am to 2pm. 

On Saturday, please eat a hearty breakfast beforehand and plan to eat a late lunch as we won't stop for a lunch break. We will provide a snacks and drink table to help you keep your energy level up. We'll start the day by unloading the trailer together and learning the basics of moving the big carts around. Then we'll split into three teams: 1 team learning how to setup the auditorium, 1 team learning the welcome areas and parking lot, and 1 team learning to setup the classrooms. Then we'll pack it all back up. 

Sunday, those who learned will take the lead in getting everything set up while the Portable Church trainers watch and answer questions. We'll plan to be setup and ready to do a mini service at 11am with a couple worship songs and a quick encouragement. EVERYONE IS INVITED to the 11am mini service to help us celebrate. Afterward, the trainees will tear down and load back up.

I'm looking for some volunteers who are not on the training teams who can set up a little celebration picnic in the park next to the school so we can all have some food and fun after all our hard work. Please reply to the request for the August 12th date by signing up for Food/Drink to let me know you can help setup the picnic. (BUT DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU'RE ALREADY PART OF THE PORTABLE KIT TRAINING.) 

Thanks everyone! Comment below if you have any questions. 



Launch Team Training 1 & Preview Night Prep

Hi Team! Here's a link to our very first team training. If you were unable to make it, please check out the recording, and comment below with any of your own thoughts regarding what it will mean for us to be a life-giving church. 

This Sunday is our first Preview Night. We are asking the Launch Team to be there by 5:30pm for a team huddle to prep before everyone starts arriving. The service begins at 6:30 PM and will be followed by dessert. 

We still need a few volunteer positions filled to help the night run smoothly. Please click here to check out the signup sheet and let us know where you can help out.

The positions we are still trying to fill include:

  • At least 4 more Victory Kids helpers
  • 5 more to help set up (arrive at 3:30 PM to unload the trailer)
  • 1 more greeter (particularly someone who can wave a sign out on Division)
  • 5 more to help with clean-up

Also, we need someone who has a vehicle with a trailer hitch that can haul the trailer From VF Argonne to Evergreen. The van we usually use is in the shop for repairs. Please let me know if your truck or vehicle might work.

Here's the sheet I was referring to in the recording. when going over the schedule for Preview Night.

Please also mark your calendars for next Tuesday night's Team Training at 6:30 PM at Victory Faith. Love you all!



July Launch Team Events

Hi team! Here's a quick video to help you become aware of the events we have coming up in the next few weeks. Please check your email for three messages from Planning Center regarding the next few events.

Also, here's a quick overview of all upcoming events for your calendar:

  • Saturday, July 14th 8:30am - Serve Day
  • Tuesday, July 17th 6:30pm - Launch Team Training 1
  • Sunday, July 22nd 6:30pm - Preview Night at Evergreen
  • Tuesday, July 24th 6:30pm - Launch Team Training 2
  • Tuesday, July 31st 6:30pm - Launch Team Training 3
  • Tuesday, Aug 7th 6:30pm - Launch Team Training 4
  • Saturday & Sunday, Aug 11th & 12th - Portable Kit Training (5) / Practice Service
  • Thursday, Aug 16th - Interest Meetup at Holmberg Park
  • Tuesday, Aug 21st - Launch Team Training 6
  • Sunday, Aug 26th - Preview Night at Evergreen
  • Tuesday, Aug 28th - Launch Team Training 7
  • Sunday, Sep 2nd - Practice Service
  • Tuesday, Sep 4th - Launch Team Training 8
  • Sunday, Sep 9th - Practice Service
  • Sunday, Sep 16th - LAUNCH SUNDAY



Our newest team member

Everyone say hi to the newest member of the Launch Team! Amelie was born early on Sunday, June 24th. Mom and baby are doing great, and her brothers can’t get enough of her.  

Amelie Ramona — “Millie” for short

Amelie Ramona — “Millie” for short

This week has reminded me that what we are building isn’t just about the lives we get to touch this summer and this fall as we launch. Generations to come will hear about the life-giving love of Jesus because of the seeds we are sowing today, and one day Amelie and her friends will be going on the next adventure in building God’s Kingdom. 

Thanks for all you do, team! 



An Announcement + Serve Day Planning

Hi team!

if you’re eager to hear the announcement, scroll to the bottom and watch the video before you scroll back up and read through important details below. ;-) 

We're getting really excited about all the momentum building for VF North. You've been doing a great job welcoming people to our meet-ups, and almost everyone who has come so far either wants to attend once we launch, or they want to join up with what we're doing right now. 

I'm just as excited about the chance to begin serving North Spokane on July 14th as a part of Serve Day Spokane. We'll be joining with churches all over Spokane to roll up our sleeves and serve our city in practical ways. 

Here's how it works:


Right now we are in the process of finding and planning service projects. We have one project lined up cleaning up trash around the playground at Evergreen Elementary. With the number of volunteers we're expecting, we could probably use another project or two to tackle. So here's the question...

Do you know of a non-profit or community organization we can partner with and help in a practical way on Saturday, July 14th? If so, please let me know by commenting below or sending me an email. We'd love to reach out to them and see how we can help. 


We can register our projects at, and then when you're ready to sign up for one of the projects, you can go to that same page and sign up to let us know which project you'll help with. 


Then on July 14th, we'll start the day with a rally at Genesis Church, and then split up to go help our city. Stay tuned for more details for all that. 

Finally, an Announcement:  



June 12 Team Meeting Recap

Hey team!

Here's the audio from this past week's team meeting, in case you missed it:

We can't wait to see you all at tonight's bbq! Just a few notes:

  • Please arrive by 4:30pm (unless you signed up to show up at 4pm to help set up)
  • Thunderstorms are forecast through about 3pm, so please be praying for sunshine!
  • IF Baby Girl Sabestinas decides to arrive today (not likely), we have backup plans for everything. Shay and Noël will be in charge of logistics. Pastor Craig will cast the vision. 
  • Everyone please help clean up at the end. We'd love to do a sweep of the park to clean up garbage and leave it better than we found it. 

Recap from Tuesday's Meeting

Hi Team! If you missed this last Tuesday's Launch Team Meeting, here is some audio of the meeting and items for you to look at below. I know this is a bit of a long post, but PLEASE prioritize reading it in its entirety and listening to the audio so you're caught up. Thank you!


Northwood Middle School denied our application because they are a brand new school and need more time to finish up construction projects and make sure everything is working properly before they allow groups to use the building on a regular basis. Please be praying for God to point us in the direction of where we are supposed to meet. We are checking into several elementary schools in the area. Pray that God will open the right doors and show us where to go!


Since we will be hosting community socials where we will be interacting with and supervising kids, we are going to have our whole team go through the process of being background checked. By filling out these checks we are just covering our basis and doing what we can to keep our team safe and make a safe place for kids to hang out. By filling out this application it does not mean you will be serving on the kids team or automatically working with kids. If you have concerns about participating in a background check, please let us know and we are happy to have a conversation with you. 

Please take a few minutes TODAY to fill out the application - if you aren't sure how to answer a question you can just indicate you are on the VF North Launch Team:

Here are the links to applying for Victory Kids

This is for those under 18


If you signed up to be at our first Interest Meet Up on May 24th are the details you need to know:

Genesis Event Center (Formerly The Service Station)
9315 N Nevada St, Spokane, WA 99218

*For those serving at this gathering please arrive no later than 5:30PM. If you signed up for a specific team you will be getting a separate reminder this week. 

Make sure you are inviting people to come to this Interest Night! Start with your friends and family and pray and ask God to show you who you can invite this week. We have info cards available to hand out so stop by the VF North Kiosk in the Victory Faith lobby THIS SUNDAY to grab some cards if you weren't at our meeting last Tuesday. (Please refer to the previous post for social media images to share.)

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Social Media Images

Hey team! 

Tomorrow I'll be sending out audio and some recap from last night's Team Meeting. In the meantime, I wanted to get you all the following images and videos that you can put on your social media accounts to invite people to our upcoming Interest Meet-up. 

Here are a few things to include when you post:

  • Your personal excitement about VF North
  • Info on WHEN (Thursday, May 24th at 6 PM) and WHERE (Genesis, formerly known as Service Station)
  • A link to for more info.

So go ahead and start inviting folks! For social media invites, you can make a post of your own, or you can download these pictures (plus some videos!) from Dropbox here, or save just the images from below:

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Some Updates

Hey team! Here's a video with a few updates and prayer requests. Also, please use the Comments below to share who you're reaching out to, praying for, and any cool testimonies you have. Thanks!

Here's a brief overview of what's covered in the video:

  • Team Meeting this Tuesday, May 15th 6:30 PM at VF
  • Prayer request / update for Location
  • Offering Update
  • Quick Note about Planning Center: you should have received an invitation. If you haven't, let me know which email address should be associated with your Planning Center account.
  • Upcoming Interest Meetup: May 24th at Genesis. Who are you inviting? Let us know in the comments below. 


Launch Team Meeting Recap

Last week we had our first Launch Team Meeting. Thanks to everyone who came out! For those of you who couldn't make it, the audio is posted below. Here is a quick recap of what we covered:

  • We went over the Launch Team schedule, both team-building / training meetings and Interest Socials. 
  • We talked about Planning Center, which is a tool we'll be using for scheduling and communication. 
  • We talked briefly about looking ahead to joining teams that will be necessary once we launch. 

There was a form we filled out together at the meeting regarding some of the above items. If you missed the meeting, please fill out the form below. You might find it useful to fill out the form as you follow along with the meeting audio.

Finally, please take note of all the dates listed below regarding team-building meetings, interest meetups, training, etc.

Name *
Meetups and Preview Nights
Please select at least 4 of these meetings you think can attend and/or help with:
Please select the top two teams you'd like to serve on


Team Meetings & Training Times:

  • Thurs, April 26th - Team Meeting
  • Tues, May 15th - Team Meeting
  • Tues, June 12th - Team Meeting
  • Tues, July 17th - Training 1
  • Tues, July 24th - Training 2
  • Tues, July 31 - Training 3
  • Tues, Aug 7 - Training 4 
  • Sat, Aug 11 - Test Setup
  • Sun, Aug 12 - Practice Service
  • Tues, Aug 21 - Training 6
  • Tues, Aug 28 - Training 7
  • Tues, Sept 4 - Training 8
  • Sun, Sep 2 - Practice Service
  • Sun, Sep 9 - Practice Service

Interest Meetups & Preview Nights

  • 6pm Thurs, May 24 - Interest Meetup, 6pm at Genesis
  • 6pm Thurs., June 7th - Interest Meetup, 6pm at Genesis
  • 5pm Sat., Jun 16 - Interest Meetup BBQ & Ice cream in a park
  • 5pm Sat, July 7 - Interest Meetup BBQ & Ice cream in a park
  • Sat, July 14 - Serve Day
  • 6pm Sun, July 22 - Preview Night at Northwood Middle School
  • 6pm Thurs, Aug 16 - Interest Meetup, Location TBD
  • 6pm Sun, Aug 26 - Preview Night at Northwood Middle School

Please note that all of the above dates, times, and locations are subject to change. We will keep you updated. 

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First Launch Team Meeting on April 26th


On behalf of our Senior Pastors Craig and Monie Lotze and the Victory Faith leadership, we want to welcome you to the VF North launch team!

The purpose of our team is to invite people in North Spokane to get connected with what God is doing through VF North. We want to do everything we can to equip you to reach people over the coming months. To start that process, we will hold a gathering on Thursday, APRIL 26th at 7pm. We will meet in the Living Room, and kids are welcome. We are also excited to have Pastors Craig and Monie Lotze with us at this meeting.

At this meeting, we are going to:

  • Go over the Launch Schedule
  • Talk about Interest Meetups
  • Introduce a planning and communications tool we’ll be using.
  • Have a time to pray together

Please make it a priority to attend this first launch team meeting. If you have a scheduling conflict, please let us know so we can get you the info afterward. 



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