Last week we had our first Launch Team Meeting. Thanks to everyone who came out! For those of you who couldn't make it, the audio is posted below. Here is a quick recap of what we covered:

  • We went over the Launch Team schedule, both team-building / training meetings and Interest Socials. 
  • We talked about Planning Center, which is a tool we'll be using for scheduling and communication. 
  • We talked briefly about looking ahead to joining teams that will be necessary once we launch. 

There was a form we filled out together at the meeting regarding some of the above items. If you missed the meeting, please fill out the form below. You might find it useful to fill out the form as you follow along with the meeting audio.

Finally, please take note of all the dates listed below regarding team-building meetings, interest meetups, training, etc.

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Meetups and Preview Nights
Please select at least 4 of these meetings you think can attend and/or help with:
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Team Meetings & Training Times:

  • Thurs, April 26th - Team Meeting
  • Tues, May 15th - Team Meeting
  • Tues, June 12th - Team Meeting
  • Tues, July 17th - Training 1
  • Tues, July 24th - Training 2
  • Tues, July 31 - Training 3
  • Tues, Aug 7 - Training 4 
  • Sat, Aug 11 - Test Setup
  • Sun, Aug 12 - Practice Service
  • Tues, Aug 21 - Training 6
  • Tues, Aug 28 - Training 7
  • Tues, Sept 4 - Training 8
  • Sun, Sep 2 - Practice Service
  • Sun, Sep 9 - Practice Service

Interest Meetups & Preview Nights

  • 6pm Thurs, May 24 - Interest Meetup, 6pm at Genesis
  • 6pm Thurs., June 7th - Interest Meetup, 6pm at Genesis
  • 5pm Sat., Jun 16 - Interest Meetup BBQ & Ice cream in a park
  • 5pm Sat, July 7 - Interest Meetup BBQ & Ice cream in a park
  • Sat, July 14 - Serve Day
  • 6pm Sun, July 22 - Preview Night at Northwood Middle School
  • 6pm Thurs, Aug 16 - Interest Meetup, Location TBD
  • 6pm Sun, Aug 26 - Preview Night at Northwood Middle School

Please note that all of the above dates, times, and locations are subject to change. We will keep you updated.