Welcome! This page is designed to equip Life of the Party Group hosts and leaders during our small groups series this April 2018. If you landed here and are trying to sign up for hosting a group, please contact Molly Angerman. If you've already signed up to host a group...

Thank you for hosting a small group!

Inside your bag (which you received when you signed up in the VF lobby) are a few goodies to help you get started hosting people! Please check the Connect Center and your email each week for some helpful conversation/discussion starters. If you want to continue meeting as a group after our series ends, please contact Molly Angerman to sign up for Life Group training.

Here are a few tips to help you as you prepare to meet with your group:

Just be yourself. God wants to use your unique gifts and temperament. Don’t try to do the things exactly like another leader; do them in a way that fits you.

Prepare for your meeting ahead of time. Tidy your house. Prepare some snacks, or ask someone to bring something to share.

Pray for your group members by name. Ask God to use your time together to touch the heart of every person.

When you ask a question, be patient. Someone will eventually respond. Sometimes people need a moment or two of silence to think about the question. After someone responds, affirm the response with a simple “thanks” or “that was good” and then ask “how about somebody else?”

Provide transitions between questions. Ask for volunteers to read bible passages. Be patient in the discussion and always thank people for participating and sharing.

Ask God to equip you with a shepherd's heart. Here are passages you can look up and read on your own as you prepare to host a group:

  • Matthew 9:36

  • 1 Peter 5:2-4

  • Psalm 23

  • Ezekiel 34:11-16

  • 1 Thessalonians 2:7-8, 11-12

What's Next

So now it's time, if you haven't already, so start scheduling your gathering times with your group and getting ready to have some fun growing together. Check back here weekly to get questions you can ask during your gathering times and for other pointers as you host your group. Have fun!