VF Marketing Guide

Whether you're new to creating a marketing request of the Victory Faith media team or if you've done it a hundred times before, we encourage you to take a look through the following guide before filling out the form at the bottom of this page. It's helpful info that will get us on the same page as we do our best to make the ministries of Victory Faith a success.

What you need to know about marketing at Victory Faith

Promoting your ministry or event is primarily your responsibility.

After years of doing videos, flyers, social media, tables in the lobby… the number #1 marker of success for an event or ministry is when the leader and/or their team reaches out to people directly and invites them. 

Good media takes time.

When it comes to requesting a flyer, a video, or other item from the VF marketing staff, keep in mind that long lead times will result in a better result. We ask for at least 3 weeks of lead time for videos, which should run at least 3 weeks before your event begins. That means 6-8 weeks of advance communication is good, and earlier is even better. 

Space and time is limited.

While we do our best to provide promotions and lobby space during the “hot spot” of the few weeks leading up directly to your event, we have learned that promoting too many things at once diminished the impact of all the promotions. So it may not always be possible for us to run your promotion during all the ideal weeks if there are lots of other things going on. 

Make use of the calendar.

When an item gets onto the VF calendar, it will also end up on the Google calendar on our webpage and on the Victory Faith app. 

Think “What’s next?”

If someone sees your promo or gets your flyer, what do you want them to do next? The answer to this question should be as specific as possible, and your team should understand the pipeline of how someone goes from being aware of your ministry to being involved with it. Video promos will typically point people to vf.church, where there will typically be a link to contact you or sign up for your ministry. (Soon we will have vf.life up and running for small groups, teams, and classes.)

Capitalize on Social Media posts.

If the VF team is posting about your group on social media, share it! Make sure you include links to vf.life or vf.church (or other relevant URL’s) when you post.

Media Request Form

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What's next?

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