Nothing should get in your way when it comes to responding to the call of God on your life.

We all want to grow in our walk with God and discover how we can make a difference with our lives. Jesus taught his disciples how to live lives of greatness, but it doesn’t look like what you might expect. We want to share with you something that has the potential to alter and improve the course of your life. All you need is a free evening each week and time on the weekends to plug in at Victory Faith. Once a week for six months you will dive deeper into the word, build stronger relationships with other Christians, and grow together in your walk with God. You’ll be trained how to being living a life of greatness by following Christ’s example and serving in practical ways. Through all of this you’ll be trained, equipped, and encouraged to make a difference with your life.


  • Attend Wednesday evening classes
  • Serve at Victory Faith on weekends
  • Tuition (TBA)

The World is waiting for us to respond to God's calling and grow to the place where we are reaching people and influencing the world by showing them JESUS.