Our VF North campus is growing, and we would love for YOU to join the team! Fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch to let you know the process of getting trained. For a description of each team, please read below. Thanks so much!

Welcome TEam

The Welcome Team is designed to make guests at VF North feel like VIP’s from the moment they enter our parking lot. This team includes Greeters, Ushers, Parking Team, and Coffee Service. 


The next generation is the future of our church, and we want to provide the absolute BEST experience for every kid that comes to VF North! You can help make it happen in our VK classes as a teacher, check-in specialist, or helper.


Each Sunday we’ll need to unpack a truck, set up our stage, classrooms, signage, etc., and put it all back when we’re done. The Portable Team makes this happen quickly, safely, and with excellence.


The VF worship experience takes a whole team of people, including musicians, media operators, sound, and more! We help create an atmosphere where God’s presence is welcome and faith can arise.


Once someone attends VF, we want to set them on a path of growing in God. Team members in Next Steps, Fresh Start, and the Connect Center help get people connected and growing in their faith.